Early Drop-Off


Covenant offers an Early Care option for families needing care before morning preschool begins at 9:15. Early care will begin at 8:30 am and will take place in the Turtle Two's/Three's classroom on Mondays and The Turtle Champs classroom Tuesday-Fridays. Early care will be staffed by Covenant teachers. This is a great option for those days when you need to get to work, if you’re trying to get to a 9:00 appointment, or if you have an earlier drop off at elementary school and don’t want to wait around 30 minutes for preschool to start. Cost is $5 per day when completing the enrollment form at the beginning of each month. You must email earlycare@covenantnurseryschool.org by 6:00 pm the Friday before the week it is needed.  Please note this change in our policy, you will no longer be able to e-mail the night before and drop in! You will be contacted only if space is not available. You will not be allowed to drop off a child at early care if you have not notified us by the appropriate time and if you do not have payment with you.

Click here to download the May enrollment form