After School Enrichment Classes

Enrollment for Session II of Covenant’s lunchtime enrichment programs has begun.  These programs give children additional curricular and social opportunities in an environment they are already comfortable in as well as creating an extended day for children (particularly great for those children going on to full-day kindergarten the following year). 

SESSION II Enrichments begin Monday, November 26, 2018 and run through Friday, February 22, 2019.
*ALL CHILDREN ARE TO BE PICKED-UP IN THE FOYER AFTER ENRICHMENTS* Because enrichments are only offered on one day, children may attend enrichment classes even if not attending their multi-age class that morning. We will alter days enrichments are offered in later sessions to hopefully allow everyone the opportunity to participate!

Kids LOVE to move! This class will be offered on Monday this session from 11:45-1:15. Our creative dance class is for both boys and girls, offering ample opportunity to hop, run, leap, jump, turn, kick, stretch and dance! We'll improve our flexibility, listening skills, patterning and body awareness while we're rockin' and rollin'. Children will also have the opportunity to eat a parent-provided sack lunch and have time for free play. Sesssion I cost is $150 (10 weeks). No drop-ins accepted.
Instructors: Jackie Bellavia, Turtle Stars teacher, and Elizabeth Goodbody, Turtle Two's and Three's Teacher, will lead this fun-filled class.
*** Dance will not meet Jan. 21st CNS Closed due to D65 Closure
*** Dance will not meet Feb.18th CNS Closed due to D65 Closure

This lunch program will be offered on Wednesdays from 11:45-1:15.  Using a variety of mixed media, children will experience a number of sensory explorations.  It will be a little bit cooking, a little bit science, but mostly it will be about having fun!  Some of the things they will mix up include: Goop, sculptures, playdough, model magic, shaving cream, the list is limitless!   This enrichment may not be best for children with tactile sensitivities or those who do not like to get a little bit messy. Children will have the opportunity to eat a parent-provided sack lunch. Session II of this enrichment will cost $15 per class for a total cost of $150 (10 weeks). No daily drop-ins are accepted.
Instructors: Gina Lorenz Turtle Two’s/ Three’s teacher and an Art Teacher, and another Covenant Teacher will lead this class.
***Mix it Up will not meet on Feb. 20th for Family Fun Day

This lunch program will be offered from 11:45-1:15 on Tuesdays to any child in our 3 Day Three’s and multi-age classes. Turtle Tunes is a joyful time for the children to listen to sounds, explore instruments, participate in instrument ensembles and engage in singing games and dances.  Instruments will be used in class for exploration, steady beat and improvisation.  Songs and music from varied sources both traditional and contemporary will be used in the class.  Children will make their own rhythm instruments from time to time so that they can enjoy making their own music at home.  Music instruction is a wonderful way to encourage children’s large and small motor skills, their listening and patterning skills, creativity and social interaction. Children will have an opportunity to eat a parent-provided sack lunch.  The cost for this professional music instruction is $15 per class.  For session II (11 weeks), the cost will be $165.  No daily drop-ins are accepted.
Instructor: Allison Ashley has been an early childhood music educator for 20 years and is currently a multi-age teacher at Covenant. She will be assisted by another Covenant teacher.

This lunchtime enrichment will be offered on Fridays and will give the children an opportunity to reenact some popular fables and folk tales. Each week, a new story will be selected, read to the children and then the children help act out the story.  Children will all get to try out different parts (often as a group) including that of audience member—this is a great enrichment even for the reserved or shy children! Familiar folk tales such as The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs will be used among many others. Acting out stories is a great way to boost children’s comprehension and pre-literacy skills!!! The cost for this enrichment will be $15 per class for a total cost of $135(9 weeks). No drop-ins accepted
***Book Buddies will not meet on Friday Feb 14th, CNS Closed due to D65 Closure

This lunch program is offered from 11:45-1:15 on Thursdays (with the option to extend till 2pm).  ***Lunch bunch will only run if more than 3 children are signed up on any particular day.  Children have the opportunity to eat a parent-provided sack lunch, meet new friends and participate in relaxed, less structured activities that change focus each week.  The weekly focus will be activities such as: Creative Movement, Art, Lego Exploration, Just to name a few. The cost of lunch bunch is $15.00 per day, the increase reflects the weekly planning that will be done by the Lunch and More teacher.  The cost for Thursday will be $150 (10 wks) Drop-ins are allowed as space permits at $15.00 per day until 1:15 or $20 until 2pm.
***Thursday lunch bunch will not meet on Dec.13th due to the Family Fun day at The Exploritrium


1. Children must be toilet trained to participate in lunch programs.

2. Applications will be opened on Monday, November 12 at 9:30.  Applications may be submitted earlier than this and can be handed either directly to Tina or Kim or placed in the mailbox outside of the office.  If your child does not attend on Mondays, please be sure to submit your application prior to this date! Following Nov. 13th, enrollment will happen on a first come, first served basis.  I will notify everyone the following week which programs and days your child was accepted in.  

3. Enrichment classes will be capped at 12 children – children will be selected by lottery if more than 12 applications are received for a class prior to the deadline. 

4. Applications are complete when accompanied by a check, made payable to Covenant Nursery School, and when the student’s tuition payments are current. 

5. Fill out the application form for any enrichments you are interested in. Families may sign up for as many offerings as you are interested in.

7. NO REFUNDS will be given for missed days.

8. Please call KIm at (847) 675-2993, e-mail at, or stop by the office if there are any questions.