After School Enrichment Classes

Enrollment for Session III of Covenant’s lunchtime enrichment programs is beginning.  These programs give children additional curricular and social opportunities in an environment they are already comfortable in as well as creating an extended day for children (particularly great for those children going on to full-day kindergarten the following year). 

SESSION III Enrichments (Begins the Week of March 5th through May 18th, 2018 )

Kids LOVE to move! This class will be offered on Fridays this session from 11:45-1:15. Our creative dance class is for both boys and girls, offering ample opportunity to hop, run, leap, jump, turn, kick, stretch and dance!  We'll improve our flexibility, listening skills, patterning and body awareness while we're rockin' and rollin'.  The cost for this class will be $15.00 per class for a total of $135 (9 weeks). No daily drop-ins are accepted. **Dance will not meet on April 13th for Parent Teacher Conferences**

This lunchtime program will be offered on Thursdays from 11:45-1:15 and will feature many different opportunities for children to move, stretch, and wiggle. Elizabeth Goodbody will utilize her many years of yoga expertise to teach the children some very basic stretching, breathing and movement activities. After 15-20 minutes of relaxing Yoga actions, children will enjoy lunch and free play with their friends. Hopefully they’ll all come home a little more mindful and relaxed. The cost for this class will be $15.00 per class for a total cost of $135 (9 weeks). 
***Yoga will not meet on April 12th for Parent Teacher Conferences**

This art enrichment extends the day from 11:45-1:15 pm and will be offered on Mondays. We will be offering very hands on, often times messy, art enrichment. Children will have the opportunity to experience a variety of art materials such as sculpture, papier-mâché, mod podge, 3D collage, as well as some more familiar art mediums. The cost for this enrichment is $15 per class for a total of $150 (10 weeks). No drop-ins accepted. 

This enrichment will extend the day for children from 11:45-2:00 pm and will be offered on Wednesdays this session. Children will experience a fun class that not only encourages reading and math,but will provide opportunities to prepare a menu item that interests them. Children’s books come to life as we create original recipes inspired by the stories, as they chop,taste and explore. Children will also have the opportunity to eat a parent-provided sack lunch. Session III will cost $25 per class for a total cost of $225 (9 weeks). No daily drop-ins are accepted.

This lunch program will be offered from 11:45-1:15 on Tuesdays to any child in our 3 Day Three’s and multi-age classes. Turtle Tunes is a joyful time for the children to listen to sounds, explore instruments, participate in instrument ensembles and engage in singing games and dances. Instruments will be used in class for exploration, steady beat and improvisation. Songs and music from varied sources both traditional and contemporary will be used in the class. Children will make their own rhythm instruments from time to time so that they can enjoy making their own music at home. Music instruction is a wonderful way to encourage children’s large and small motor skills, their listening and patterning skills, creativity and social interaction.  The cost for this enrichment will be $15 per class for a total cost of $150 (10 weeks). No drop-ins are accepted. 

This lunch program is offered from 11:45-1:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Children have the opportunity to eat a parent-provided sack lunch, meet new friends and have the opportunity to participate in organized activities that change focus each week. The weekly focus will be activities such as: Creative Movement, Art, Lego Exploration, dance, cooking, and parachute play, just to name a few. The cost of lunch and more is $15.00 per day - this increase reflects the weekly planning that will be done by the Lunch and More teacher. The cost for Monday will be $150 (10 wks), Tuesday will be $150 (10 wks), Wednesday will be $135 (9 wks), Thursday will be $135 (9 wks) and Friday will be $135 (9 wks). ***Lunch and More will not meet May 2nd for Professional Development, April 12th for Parent- Teacher Conferences and on April 13th for Parent –Teacher Conferences.***


  1. We cannot guarantee first choices for programs although we always strive to accommodate specific requests for days.  
  2. Applications will be opened on Tuesday, February 13. Applications may be submitted earlier than this date and should be handed either directly to Kim or placed in the mailbox outside of the office.  If your child does not attend on Tuesdays, please be sure to submit your application prior to this date!  
  3. Following Feb. 13th, enrollment will happen on a first come, first served basis. I will notify everyone by the following week which programs and days your child was accepted in.  
  4. Applications are complete when accompanied by a check, made payable to Covenant Nursery School, and when the student’s tuition payments are current. 
  5. Complete the attached application form for any enrichment you are interested in. Families may sign up for as many offerings as you are interested in. Please complete a separate application for each child. Additional applications will be available outside the office.
  6. NO REFUNDS will be given for missed days!