Importance of Nature Play

Covenant Nursery School places great value on the importance of nature play and education. Today’s children are living with epidemic childhood obesity, a prevalence of attention difficulties and greater stressors than ever before. In addition, children are now spending significantly less time outside than previous generations of children.  

A new movement has begun in early childhood and the greater society to get children and people back in to Nature spurred on by research that has uncovered a wealth of benefits of nature play. Research has shown that regular time in nature:

  • Facilitates better social and physical development

  • Improves fitness, motor skills, and well-being

  • Supports creativity and imaginative play

  • Inspires collaboration and reduces violence and bullying

  • Reduces stress

  • Creates feelings of empathy for nature – the first step toward developing the next generation of environmental stewards

Covenant places a high value on educating children both inside and outside the classroom on the importance of nature and our connection to it. This is all done through a coordinated combination of children's literature, music and movement activities and activities in the classroom as well as regular time outdoors in our brand new, cutting edge Turtle Playscape.