Our Philosophy of Learning

Covenant Nursery School utilizes a developmentally appropriate, play-based approach to guide the path to children's learning. We believe each child's uniqueness must be appreciated and nurtured. Reknowned German educator Friederich Froebel, who created the first "kindergarten" or "children's garden," was an advocate of children creating their own learning. He likened education to a garden where children are given freedom to grow rather than a place to be molded. Children at Covenant Nursery School are encouraged to explore, wonder, create, make mistakes, question, and repeat experiences with teachers along to help guide their experiences. We focus on all the different areas of development in young children including: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language.

Our goals Include:

  • Providing a warm and inviting classroom environment
  • Providing a loving, highly qualified staff who value secure relationships with every child
  • Creating positive transition experiences from home to school
  • Helping children develop self-confidence in their ideas and abilities
  • Helping children learn pro-social ways of interacting with other children and adults
  • Empowering children to speak up for themselves and learn that every child has a voice
  • Helping children learn self-regulation and self-help skills — skills vital for elementary school
  • Providing an engaging, play-based curriculum that encourages children to experiment and question
  • Incorporating nature education and appreciation in all aspects of our curriculum, not just outdoor playtime
  • Providing support for families as they navigate early childhood
  • Connecting families with community resources