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Covenant designed this natural playscape with the idea that we would keep it as natural as possible with lots of movable, loose parts that the children could move around as their play evolved.

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Learning to care for nature and plants with hands-on experience is a rewarding activity for children. We love to show that getting our hands dirty and engaging in nature can be interesting, fun, and delicious! 

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The children love to play pretend with all the natural elements found around our space as it morphs from a kitchen into whatever their imagination leads them to that day!



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Read what Covenant parents are saying about their experience! 


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Covenant hosts a fundraiser to give families, friends and alumni the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick that benefits our Tuition Scholarship Program. 






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Covenant has been able to continue serving our students and families as the students have already been accustomed to an outdoor learning environment. We’ve added outdoor heaters and an outdoor sink for hand washing that will take us beyond the pandemic to keep our little attendees safe and comfortable.

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"Nature and children are natural playmates; they're both wild and messy, unpredictable and beautiful."

-Mark Hoelterhoff