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Covenant makes it a priority to offer scholarships to eligible families to the full extent that our budget allows in order to serve the needs of all families in our community.  In order to apply for a scholarship, families may complete a scholarship form and submit along with your most recent income tax return.  A committee composed of the Director, President and Treasurer reviews requests for assistance - all information is kept absolutely confidential!  More and more research is coming out as to the importance of early childhood education services in children's school readiness.  By offering full and partial tuition scholarships, Covenant makes every effort to fulfill this need for families for whom the high cost of preschool services can be prohibitive.

Please see the Scholarship Guidelines and Application for more information and contact Covenant's Director, Tina Vanderwarker, with any questions.  


The general scholarship guidelines are as follows:  


Family Gross Income                         Estimated Award

$25,000 and under                             75% or more of tuition

$25,000 - $37,000                               50-75% of tuition  

$37,000 - $46,000                               25-50% of tuition

$46,000 - $55,000                               25% or less of tuition

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