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As it is our top priority to ensure that Covenant continues to provide the highest quality education, we want to share with you why fundraising plays a big part of our children’s experience at school. The cost of student tuition only covers 80% of our operating expenses, so like all private preschools in the area, Covenant depends on money that is raised through grants, individual donations, and fundraising. 

The CNS Board of Directors and administrators have decided to focus our fundraising efforts on creating a robust scholarship fund to help support the great need of high quality early childhood education for all. While Districts 65 and 202 are successfully lifting all children more than one grade level per year, there is still a large achievement gap that exists at the Kindergarten level. The main contributing factor to the achievement gap is the huge difference in early childhood experiences and opportunities.


Covenant has been offering partial scholarships to families for over 15 years, but we would like to renew our commitment and effort to offering more substantial scholarships to make our high quality program accessible to even more families. We hope that you will join with us in strengthening our Scholarship Fund and welcoming an even wider range of families to our program.

To make the most of our fundraising efforts, all of our fundraising activities and opportunities to support Covenant Nursery School are outlined on our Fundraising page. We hope this will help you to organize and plan for how you would like to contribute.

Covenant Nursery School is as great as it is because of our wonderful community!

Please consider making an online donation to support us by simply clicking the donate button today! 

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