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Early Drop-Off


Covenant offers an Early Care option for families needing care before morning preschool begins at 9:15. Early care will begin at 8:30 am and will take place in the Wildflower classroom. Early care will be staffed by Covenant teachers. This is a great option for those days when you need to get to work, if you’re trying to get to a 9:00 appointment, or if you have an earlier drop off at elementary school and don’t want to wait around 30 minutes for preschool to start. Cost is $5 per day when enrolling by the beginning of the month. Drop off fee will be $7 per day after that. Notification of drop ins may be made by e-mailing by 6:00 pm the evening prior to when it is needed. You will be contacted only if space is not available. You will not be allowed to drop off a child at early care if you have not notified us by 6:00 pm the day prior and if you do not have payment with you.

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