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Turtle Playscape

"The playscape is magical! All the kids are so creative using the space. It is the perfect place to run, jump, and enjoy outside."

Covenant’s cutting edge outdoor play space was created and designed with new principles of playground design: instead of filling playgrounds with traditional, man-made, plastic equipment, more and more early childhood programs are transforming their outdoor landscapes into magical “playscapes”.  These new play environments, inspired by the natural resources around us, include grassy hills, trees, plants, natural pieces that can be moved, paths, sculptures, sand and water, and lots more – all with an intriguing medley of colors, sounds, scents and textures.  Unlike traditional playgrounds, natural play settings are flexible, providing opportunities to test new skills and continually recreate the space in imaginative ways.  Nature is full of “loose parts” – for moving, digging, climbing, building, hiding, sheltering, and examining.  The idea is to provide an open-ended template to allow children to dream, imagine, and create all while developing an appreciation for the outside world. 


In the Turtle Playscape, children move logs, stumps, sandbags, and pinecones around to create campfires, obstacle courses, play houses, stores, etc. – this heavy work is great for keeping children grounded and organized.  The rain barrels are used with mud, sand, and flower petals in mud kitchen creations.  And the sand pit is a frequent spot for searching for buried treasure!  We also have a Buddy Bench, trikes and scooters, an outdoor chalkboard, a water wall to experiment with water and gravity, and so many other engaging ways to experience nature, work on coordination and motor skills, and engage creatively with peers. 


"I love that they go outside every day and how being outside is second nature to our kids, even in cold or wet weather and I love that the Playscape isn't over done and allows kids to play and create with natural elements found outside."

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