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Parent Testimonials

Covenant has been the first step to a lifelong journey in education for so many since 1954.  We have strong connections to our families, alumni, and our community.  Here is some feedback that we've received from our current and recent families that give additional insight into the experience of attending our preschool and why they chose, and continue to choose, Covenant for their children.

Why parents love Covenant

"Covenant has nurtured my children’s curiosity, creativity, and love for nature along with helping them develop lasting friendships."

"The playscape is magical! All the kids are so creative using the space. It is the perfect place to run, jump, and enjoy outside."

"I can actually see my child noticing changes and differences in nature, he will tell me to feel the snow and describe it, the same with rain, sunshine, and wind and is not afraid to ask curious questions and get his hands (or knees) dirty to investigate and explore. This is 100% attributed to Covenant's learning environment and programming and it's awesome."

"I chose Covenant because the classrooms felt calm, warm, and inviting - not overwhelming at all with lots of natural elements. I loved the play-based approach and felt instantly welcomed. We continue to stay at Covenant because I love it as much as my kid does. The teachers and administration are supportive and talented and care about each family, and the parent community never fails to give us opportunities to be connected."

"I first learned about Covenant when I participated in a Beyond Diversity training and found myself at a table with several Covenant teachers and board members. I was impressed by their commitment to send teachers and school leaders to an equity training. The recognition of the importance of racial equity work in teaching and bringing to a preschool environment solidified the choice to send my children to Covenant."

About Covenant Teachers
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"Covenant has, hands down, the most caring, thoughtful, nurturing, and warm preschool teachers I've ever met. Each one brings something special and different to the classroom - they're attentive, creative, and have instilled a love for learning and nature that is such a great foundation at this young age. They are very communicative with parents about weekly lesson plans, things we could do at home to reinforce learning, and individual notes on fun details and growth they notice with kids during the school day."

"During my time at Covenant I have had almost every teacher at some point. My children have loved each one. The teachers are caring and nurturing. They each provide a fun and educational environment in their own unique way."

About Kindergarten Readiness

"My child was ready to take on kindergarten after his experience at Covenant. The Pre-K program is excellent. It prepared him for a longer day and provided a great foundation for what is expected in the Kindergarten classroom."

"Upon arriving to kindergarten, they were more than prepared. The social emotional development they received at CNS was wonderful and the emphasis on play-based learning set them up for success by providing them with the tools they needed."

"My children assimilated into kindergarten seamlessly. They are able to follow directions, get their winter gear on and off, be social and make new friends."

About Covenant's Parent Community

"The parent community at Covenant has been a lifeline to me. I was a first-time mom, the first of my friends to have kids, who worked full time - so I'm not around for drop off or pick up to be able to meet other parents or caregivers. Attending the evening CNS social events like Mom's Night Out and signing up for whatever volunteering opportunities worked with my schedule led to an instant and caring network of lifelong friends for me, and lots of playdates for my kiddo."

"The CNS parent community is so welcoming and supportive. The calendar is full of opportunities to connect with other parents and we have made life-long friends through our involvement in CNS."

"Covenant is a very special place and a big part of that is the parent community, it is our first experiences in sending our children to school, so many firsts are happening during this time so the connections are strong among the community as we experience these things together. There are many opportunities to get to know other families, all my children and myself have developed strong relationships that we know will last a long time, well beyond our preschool years!"

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